Our surf camp takes the name from this beautiful wave in which surfers and turtles ride it together. The wave is a 150m from us walking down the beach, breaks over a deep coral reef. It is short but intense with an aggressive take off and a barrel track very funny. Attainable for all levels, works with all tides fit between 2ft and 8ft with southwest direction of swell and northeast wind.


Locate it on the projection of bahia accessible by boat only, 30 minutes from Ciwaja a village close to Turtles Bungalows (2 minutes by motorbike).

As the name suggests is a seven waves sequence and it works with the swell comes big. It has 5ft to 20ft, this wave is for people with experience, left breaks over a deep reef with a big barrel. Prices of the boat are very cheap and we can manage for you, also if you wish we organize some picnic for your surfing day.


The breaking of mama´s is located from Turtles Bungalows proximally 15 minutes by motorbike. The wave goes off after a lagoon formed by the coral reef, barrel and fast open to left , works with full tides ,fit from 2ft to 8ft southwest swell and southeast wind.


A Little further south of mama´s you can find Ujung Genteng port where outside the reef left breaks rarely takes barrel, fit from 4ft to 12ft with full tides, south swell, and east wind


This area is 3 hours away by car from Turtles Bungalow north direction; we can organize the trip for you.


This beach of sand funds offers several left and rights breakers, this highly exposed to the southwest swell, works with all tides, northeast wind and surf fit from 1ft to 6ft.


At the beginning of this beach there is a slice of reef that breaks a left wave, it works with all tides, northeast wind and southwest swell with 4ft to 10ft.


Is one of the most famous ones in this area, the wave is locate at the beginning of a long beach braking over reef,  its shape is varying according opens left, sometimes barrel but in general with fast and hard walls, southwest swell, northeast wind fit from 4ft to 15ft.


It’s a quite right fit from longboard, breaks on a background of reef and sand, very good for beginners, works with all tides, southwest swell, northwest wind, fit from 3ft to 8ft.


Near to Cimaja you can find this wave bit heavy from right, breaks on a background of reef, the best swell comes from southwest, in full tides and between 5ft to 15ft, the best wind for this wave is from northwest.


It is the most emblematic one, here do ASC surf championships (Asian surfing championships), has a lot of local surfers and foreigners. Wave opens to right on a background of rocks

Shaped beads eroded by the mouth of a river. At low tide you get some barrel, fit for all levels 3ft to 12ft. good southwest swell ,perfect noth wind (off shore).


Located opposite to Hotel Samudra 8 rich Indonesian Hotel) , this waves breaks on sand beach both right and left , southwest swell and northeast wind fit 1ft to 6ft.


On your way to the National Park leaving Pelabuan ratu and next to the port of this village you can find the Loji beach, there are several surf left and right  on background of rocks, usually always gives you the wind offshore East, needs strong southwest  swell for it to breaks, works with all tides , fit 3ft to 8ft.