Ujung Genteng is one of the few unspoiled places still in Java, beaches with white sand and clear water of coral reef. Here you can find the Green Turtles conservation area, the ones come here to spawn along the year,this reserve is sponsor for the “Fondo Mundial de la Naturaleza.”

Turtles Bungalows is located inside this National Park, belonging to Sukabumi district, one of the most important city of Java.

The way to the surf camp start in Jakarta´s airport, Indonesia’s capital, from here we have aproximaly 6 to 7 hours by car all depend of the traffic to Turtles Bungalow. The journey takes the way from Jakarta to Bogor, from here you take direction to Sukabumi and in this way before you get to Sukabumi you turn to Surade, the closer village to Ujung Genteng this is the shorter way that you can follow, we can offer to you that service with one of our expert local drivers. On our rate page you can find the price of the trip, its very important to keep us inform of the timer and fly company.


If this is your first trip to south east of Asia you should check in your health centre the vaccinations to have .We advise you to take some first aid and don’t forget mosquitoes repellent, sunglasses and sun cream.

The closest health centre is 40 minutes by car to Surade.


You can find change at the Jakarta airport. We accept Indonesian coin (Rupee), Euro or dollar .The are not ATM around the nearest one is in Surade.


You should bring all your surfing equipment because be aware there is  not any surfing shop around , the closest is 3 hours away in Pelabuan Ratu.


At the moment we have not got Internet connection neither in Ujung Genteng area but we are working on it, you can find connection in Surade.